At Jovoh Design there is a small but fine partner program for nappy consultants and midwives. Our wish is to work together with you on equal footing, because together we can make the world a little more sustainable. As an appreciation of your work you receive a special discount on wool nappy products*. In addition, you get a personal code that you can pass on to parents who decide to use wool nappies from Jovoh Design. They will get a special discount on their first order.

Sustainable wool nappies made from high-quality materials”

Beside the discount we have also planned a number of little surprises for you as well as other types of collaborations.

Little surprises

Making people happy is just as much part of our philosophy as high-quality wool nappies. We don’t offer an affiliate program but something much more personal. Something that will make you smile.

You collect points with every order you place yourself plus the order(s) from other parents who have used your personal code. Once you reach a milestone, you can look forward to a surprise from Jovoh Design. Such a gift may have to do with wool nappies, or it may be a bag with screen printing, a self-drawn card, a scarf, or something completely different. We may contact you again beforehand, because gifts that are not suitable for you or your children quickly end up in the corner. And of course we want to avoid that.

The wool nappy system from Jovoh Design

The wool covers from Jovoh Design have been specially developed for the day and, in combination with absorbent inserts, form a complete nappy. Common absorbent materials are foldable inserts, boosters, prefolds, or muslin nappies, but also washcloths and small towels. Slim and compact absorbent nappies can, depending on the child’s statue, also be worn in combination with wool covers.

  • Organic merino wool inside the cover
  • Beautiful and high quality (organic) cotton fabrics on the outside
  • Closes with snaps that do not come into contact with the skin
  • The multi-size system guarantees a perfect fit for every age and weight
  • Size 1 (Newborn; approx. 4-7 kg), Size 2 (approx. 7-12 kg), Size 3 (approx. >11kg)
  • Absorbent inserts are made from organic cotton and hemp
  • The thread of the absorbent inserts are also made of organic cotton
  • And even our labels are made from organic cotton and environmentally friendly dyes
  • We also offer wool care products

Join us on our journey towards a sustainable future”


If you are interested in the partner program then please get in contact and let us know about your passion, business and where you work. We will then provide you with more information. Do you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions? What do you wish for as a nappy consultant / midwife from Jovoh Design? We look forward to an answer from you.

* Valid for wool nappies and care products. Packages, reduced goods and vouchers are excluded. Not transferable. No cash payment. Cannot be combined with other discounts.