The first buntings I made were for a very good friend. She is an incredible women who is caring so much about her family. She and the kids had a very difficult time, and desperately needed something that puts a smile on their faces. Now the buntings are hanging in both nurseries, and it’s reminding them that they can achieve everything while staying together as a family. 

Once I created the pattern I made some more buntings, now hanging at our home as well. One in the nursery and a special one that we hang up for birthdays. It is certainly an advantage that the buntings are made of fabric and not of paper – they make you happy for a very long time. 

I think buntings are not only great for children. Recently a couple asked for a 15 m long chain to be placed in the wedding hall. They decided on the primary colour(s) beforehand but left me the freedom to chose the patterns and fabrics. 

Pattern: designed by Jovoh Design 
Material(s): Cotton fabric (100%), ribbon (100% cotton)
Colours: Variable patterns and colours