Comfortable knickerbockers with pockets. I think the pants are just perfect for playing and crawling. They are wide and cosy, but also robust. Initially they were made for the cold season but they are also perfect for the in between seasons when the sun shines but it is still a bit chilly outside. As fabric I chose cord made from 100 % cotton and the lovely striped cuffs. The cuffs on the legs are doubled and can be extended if necessary. That way the pants grow with you for a while and can therefore be worn longer compared to regular pants. By the way, especially for the smaller sizes there is enough space for the nappy.

Pattern: Knickerbocker Kurt from DIY Stoffe
Material(s): Cord made of 100% cotton, cuffs (95% cotton, 5% elastane)
Colours: Aubergine, mint green, dark blue, and curry yellow