New shorts need matching shirts, especially with all the amazing fabrics for the summer season. With dots or stripes, flowers, leaves or other patterns. I often read that jersey is more difficult to sew compared to regular cotton fabrics. However, the shirt with the eucalyptus pattern is made from cotton fabric and I found it more difficult to sew than jersey. Maybe because it was my first shirt of this type and I need to get used to it. In summary, if you are not an experienced seamstress don’t be scared to work with jersey. It is in principal not different to other fabrics if you cut and sew precisely. It can even be an advantage that jersey is slightly stretchy when to sew cuffs. 

Pattern: Shirt Finn from DIY Stoffe
Material(s): Jersey (95% cotton, 5% elastane), cotton fabric (100%)
Colours: With stripes, and dots, cactus and without. Whatever you like.