Merino wool | Liner
Merino wool | Liner
The wool liner is made of 100% organic merino wool and can be used for different purposes:
  1. Greased, it can be placed directly in the wool cover as an additional layer and serves as extra moisture protection. This can be particularly interesting for children who pee a lot, or if you like to carry your child in a sling. The additional pressure may push the moisture through the cover. With the use of a wool liner, there is less chance of nappy leakage.
  2. Some children are sensitive to moisture. A wool liner can help here, as the wool transports moisture downwards and the child therefore has a less intense feeling of wetness. The liner is placed ungreased on top, in direct contact with the child, in the wool cover.
  Material: 100% organic merino wool (fine boiled wool or wool fleece) Available in two sizes: Newborn (approx. 25 x 11 cm) Large (approx. 26 x 13 cm)   Additional information:
  • Label and yarn are made from organic cotton
  • Processing time: 2-4 working days
  • Scope of delivery: One wool liner
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