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Suction-Miracle pack


With this package you save 10% compared to the individual products


For all our absorbing inserts we use natural and sustainable fibres only, namely organic cotton and hemp. Even the yarn and the label is made from organic cotton. No plastic. No harmful chemicals.

The package is particularly suitable for longer changing intervals and for children who pee a lot and/or frequently. It contains various absorbent inserts made of hemp and/or organic cotton, as well as an insert of pure merino wool quality. The absorbent inserts can be used for in total five changing intervals.


Scope of delivery


Possible combination of inserts

When combining absorbent inserts, there is a rule of thumb that must be observed: Fast-absorbing cotton should always be in contact with the child, with hemp inserts placed underneath. Hemp absorbs more moisture than cotton, but relatively slowly.

  • Muslin nappy, which is either placed in the wool cover or directly folded around the child. For newborns, it can further be combined with a liner made of terrycloth. The loop-like structure of the terry cloth reliably catches the still liquid faeces.
  • The folded terrycloth insert is folded along the short side and placed in the wool cover
  • For more absorbency, the terrycloth folded insert is combined with a hemp booster: along the entire length (booster – long) or selectively (booster – short) where the absorption needs to be greatest. For boys more at the front and for girls in the middle of the nappy.
  • Combination of a muslin nappy with a hemp booster
  • The hemp/organic cotton folding insert is placed directly in the wool cover. Fold the insert along the long side for covers of size 1 and along the short side for covers of sizes 2 and 3. Combine it with e.g., a cotton liner or muslin nappy. Pure cotton quickly absorbs moisture and directs it downwards where it is stored in the hemp insert.
  • The wool liner can be combined with all the above systems. The liner is suitable in two ways: Greased, it can be placed directly in the wool cover and serves as extra moisture protection. For children who have a strong feeling of wetness, the wool liner is placed ungreased on top of the absorbing insert in direct contact to the child.


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Absorbing inserts

  • The insert must be washed a couple of times to reach full absorption capacity
  • To speed up the process you can let it soak in water overnight before first use
  • Wash at maximum 60°C and tumble at low temperature

Wool liner

  • Wash by hand or in the wool washing program of the washing machine at maximum 30°C
  • No bleaching. No ironing. No tumble dryer.