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Almost pure wool cover



The almost pure wool cover is a special combination of high quality organic merino wool and (organic) cotton.

Just like the 100% wool cover, it has a double layer of wool in the central area. Why this is practical? Thanks to the two layers of wool, the nappies can withstand longer changing intervals and are therefore suitable for use at night or when travelling. They are also recommended when the child is carried in a sling. The pressure of the sling can push the moisture through the wool cover. An additional layer of wool can work wonders here. The cover is combined with beautiful cotton fabric at the upper parts that you can choose yourself.


How it works to order an “almost pure wool cover”

We use the standard light-coloured organic wool knit for the central part of the outer layer and lining.

During checkout you’ve the possibility to add a note to your order. Please leave the following information:

  • Name of the fabric for outside (pure cotton or cotton jersey)
  • You can also specify a preference regarding the wool fabric for the outside (colour or type). If this is NOT available, you agree to the use of light-coloured wool knit.


Material and general notes

The wool comes from European mulesing-free and organic livestock farming, and is span under fair conditions in Germany. It is dyed with vegetable dyes. The main dyes used are madder root, mignonette, indigo, yellowwood, logwood, and redwood. A wonderfully natural fabric whose components are sustainably obtained and processed. Wool nappies made of pure wool are soft, stretchable, and extra tight due to the two layers of wool.

The wool cover must be greased with wool fat (lanolin) before first use to get water-repellent. It must further be combined with absorbing inserts (e.g., cotton flat, hemp flat, or muslin cloth) to form a complete nappy.

The wool cover is available in the following sizes: Size 1 (ca. 4-7 kg), Size 2 (ca. 7-12 kg) and Size 3 (ca. 11-16 kg). Please note that the weight information of the sizes can only be an estimate, as the fit depends on the stature of the respective child. For more information about the different sizes and the system in general see “The Jovoh system“. 



Lining: 100% organic merino wool (knitted)
Outer fabric: Organic merino wool combined with (organic) cotton or (organic) cotton jersey


Processing time: 5-10 working days


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  • For information on how to wash and impregnate the wool cover please click here.
  • Before first use, the wool cover must be greased in a lanolin bath.
  • Wash at low speed in the wool wash program of the washing machine or by hand.
  • No tumble dryer. No bleaching. No ironing.