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Lanolin is a natural wool wax that is used to grease wool covers. The 100% pure lanolin from Puppi comes from Polish sheep farms and is certified to be mulesing free. The small family business attaches great importance to local production under ecological aspects and respect for nature. It is further a pharmaceutical-grade lanolin that can be used for the entire body. Especially for very dry skin, the care of the nipples during breastfeeding and cracked lips.

How to use the lanolin for wool greasing: Take a cup of hot water, dissolve a bit of lanolin and add a detergent or green olive soap flakes to it. A milky emulsion is formed. If there are still greasy eyes on the surface, add a little more soap. The emulsion is then added to a larger bowl filled with hot water that is big enough to soak the wool cover. Put the wool cover with the wool facing down into the water and let it bath for at least four hours or overnight. The wool nappies should be completely covered and can be weighted with a small plate or likewise if necessary. Once the wool cover is fully bathed, carefully take it out and gently squeeze it between a towel. Afterwards it can best dry flat. New wool covers must be greased 1-3 times before they get watertight. You can find more information about wool care here.


Brand: Puppi
Weight: 100g or 200g


Processing time: 1-3 working days
Scope of delivery: 100g or 200g, as selected in the drop down menu



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Ingredients and additional information:

  • Pure anhydrous lanolin (100%)
  • From mulesing free sheep farms
  • Pharmaceutical quality
  • Manufactured in Poland