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The wool cover is made of 100% organic merino wool and must be combined with absorbing inserts to form a complete nappy. The wool must be greased with wool fat (lanolin) before first use to get water-repellent.



The outer fabric consists of 100% finest organic merino wool from Mrs.BeAn. The fabric is dyed with vegetable dyes and knitted or spun in Germany. The main dyes used are madder root, mignonette, indigo, yellowwood, logwood, and redwood. A wonderfully natural fabric whose components are sustainably obtained and processed. Wool nappies made of pure wool are soft, stretchable, and extra tight due to the two layers of wool. As outer fabric we use two different types: Single jersey is a very thin and filigree fabric, whereas Jacquard fabric is sewn in two layers and is hence a little bit thicker. The cover is lined with either knitted wool, wool fleece, or fine boiled wool made of 100% organic merino wool. As closure you can choose between snaps and velcro.

The classic wool covers from Jovoh are made with snaps, which are attached in such a way that they do not touch the child’s skin. There is also the option of choosing a Velcro fastener. The advantage of Velcro is the stepless adjustment, whereby care must be taken that the so-called “over-snapping” of the wings is not possible. Over-snapping means that the snaps on the outside of the wings are used, and allow slim children a seamless transition between sizes. Velcro requires some care, as e.g. lint can get caught in it. The counter Velcro on the wings must be closed when storing and washing the nappy to prevent the wool fabric from being damaged by the barbs of the Velcro.


Size guide

The wool cover is available in three sizes: Size 1 (ca. 4-7 kg), size 2 (ca. 7-12 kg) and size 3 (ca. 11-16 kg). Please note that the weight information of the sizes can only be an estimate, as the fit depends on the stature of the respective child.

The type of outer fabric also makes a difference on how the nappy fit. Wool covers made from stretchable fabric tend to adapt better to the child’s stature and are suitable for stronger children. According to experience, they also fit longer than covers made from non-stretchy fabrics (e.g., pure cotton) and this is especially important for newborns. Non-stretchy covers on the other hand are more likely to retain their shape and are recommended for slim children. If there are only a few but very absorbent inserts, wool covers made of non-stretchable fabrics are more suitable, as they give the nappy stability.


Lining: 100% organic wool
Outer fabric: 100% organic wool


Processing time: 5-10 working days


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  • For information on how to wash and impregnate the wool cover please click here.
  • Before first use, the wool cover must be greased in a lanolin bath.
  • Wash at low speed in the wool wash program of the washing machine or by hand.
  • No tumble dryer. No bleaching. No ironing.