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Wool cover | Velcro option


Note: This add-on can only be chosen in combination with a wool cover


The classic wool covers from Jovoh are made with snaps, but there is also the option of choosing a Velcro fastener. The advantage of Velcro is the stepless adjustment, whereby care must be taken that the so-called “over-snapping” of the wings is not possible. Over-snapping means that the snaps on the outside of the wings are used, and allow slim children a seamless transition between sizes. Velcro requires some care, as e.g. lint can get caught in it. The counter Velcro on the wings must be closed when storing and washing the nappy to prevent the wool fabric from being damaged by the barbs of the Velcro.



  • Counter Velcro on the wings
  • Rounded edges to prevent injuries
  • Stepless adjustment possible
  • Optional add-on for all wool nappies
  • Please note that no navel snap (keeps the navel free in the first days after birth) is attached to size 1 wool nappies
  • The add-on is selectable in combination with a wool cover (stretchable, non-stretchable or 100% wool) only
  • This product is NOT a wool cover


How it works

  • Put the wool cover of your choice in the shopping cart
  • Select the option “Add-on: Velcro”
  • If you buy more than one cover, but not all should be with Velcro: Leave a note during checkout as well as the name of the wool cover fabric(s)