First steps before use

Here are a few steps to take before using the covers and absorbent inserts.

Wool cover
  • Wash the cover by hand or in the washing machine using the wool program at max. 30° Celsius
  • You can use either conventional wool soap or olive oil soap (curd soap or soap flakes) for washing
  • Then the wool cover can be greased directly
  • To do this, follow the instructions under Care of wool nappies
  • Express the cover in a towel, but do not wring
  • Dry it flat on a drying rack
  • It is recommended to grease the cover two times before first use

Absorbing inserts
  • Inserts must be washed several times before they achieve their full absorbency
  • The rule of thumb is here about ten times
  • You can speed up the process and soak the inserts in water overnight
  • Then wash it in the washing machine at 40-60° Celsius
  • You don’t necessarily have to wash the inserts ten times before using it. Then just remember that they’re not sucking enough yet.