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Olive laundry soap


The Patounis soaps have been hand-boiled in the family business on Corfu, Greece according to an old tradition since 1850. This curd soap is one of the few that does not contain palm oil. It mainly consists of olive pomace oil, which is obtained from olive pits, peel and pulp remains, combined with sodium hydroxide, water and salt. Compared to green olive soap the olive curd soap contains a higher amount of washing soda (0.1%) and therefore has a higher pH value of ~8.

The soap is ideal for washing wool covers, baby clothes, underwear, and difficult stains. It can also be used to wash fruits and vegetables. Finely grated it can be used in the washing machine.

The soap bars are delivered by the manufacturer unpacked and plastic-free in a cardboard box. Sodium carbonate (washing soda) is used as a separating agent so that the individual bars of soap do not stick together. This is visible on the soap bars as a white powder and can easily be washed off.


Weight: 140 g
Certificate: The Vegan Society

Processing time: 2-3 working days


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Ingredients and additional information:

  • Raw olive pomace oil, sodium hydroxide, water and salt
  • Free alkali 0,1%
  • No additives, dyes, or fragrances
  • No palm oil
  • pH ~8