Prefold “Lottje”


Beginners are often faced with the question of how best to combine the various absorbent inserts. We took this to heart and designed an insert that can be used without much prior knowledge and in many situations. It can be used during day and night, either folded around the child (being hold together with a nappy fastener) or directly placed in the nappy cover. Easy to use, for parents, grandparents, or the babysitter. Prefold “Lottje” is made from certified organic cotton (muslin fabric) and hemp. Cotton quickly absorbs moisture, while a mixture of hemp/ organic cotton in the central part of ​​the prefold reliably stores it. Overall, the combination of hemp and cotton stores, compared to other inserts, relatively large amounts of moisture and can hence be used for longer change intervals.



  • The core consists of two layer of hemp/organic cotton that is covered by a layer of muslin
  • Hence, a fast-absorbing layer of cotton is always in direct contact with the child
  • The middle part is sewn on one side only, creating a pocket into which additional absorbent material can be placed
  • The muslin fabric is 2-ply sewn
  • Flat seams ensure that there are no pressure points


How to use

  • Directly folded around the child and hold together with a nappy clip
  • Folded along the long side, the prefold can be placed directly into the wool cover
  • Suitable for covers sizes 2 and 3
  • The prefold is unwashed and will shrink by 5-6%


Material: 100% organic cotton
Core: 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton
: Approx. 60 x 40 cm


Processing time: 2-4 working days


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  • The insert has to be washed a couple of times to reach full absorption capacity
  • To speed up the process you can let it soak in water overnight before first use
  • Wash at maximum 60°C  and tumble at low temperature
  • No bleaching. No ironing.